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About Us

Local 634

The purpose of Local 634 is to represent the members and to ensure that they are treated fairly and their rights are not violated. We have been around since 1974. We negotiate the contracts for wages, working conditions, and benefits for members.  We believe in member input and participation. The leadership of the union comes from the membership.  We are Philadelphia-based, we live in the city, and our kids and grandkids attend the Philadelphia school district schools.

We always like to say that Local 634 members are the heart of a Philadelphia school. We are like mothers and fathers to the children while they’re here.


We live in the same neighborhoods as the schools we work in. We build personal relationships with the children – and sometimes their parents. We see first-hand what some of the kids deal with at home.


We buy pretzels on Pretzel Day when kids cannot afford them. Sometimes, we buy coats for children facing the cold without one. We wipe noses and give hugs. We have listening ears when they need someone to talk to.


Local 634 represents Food Service Workers (lunch ladies and men), Early Childhood Food Service workers, and Student Climate Staff.

Simply put, WE KEEP KIDS SAFE!


The jobs we do can often go overlooked and under appreciated by those in media and in leadership positions across the city. But if you ask the actual students in these schools, they’ll tell you about us! They’ll tell you how they call a Student Climate Staff that has been in the same school for 15 years “Grandma.” They’ll tell you how they remember everything we've done for them. That’s what matters the most to Local 634 members.

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